Top products of 2015!

According to my picks, it seems like the year of the multitaskers, with products that have many different uses. It was quite hard to limit myself to 16 products, I could have easily picked some more haha. But without further ado, here are the stand outs for me this year.

Top makeup products

1. Gressa Skin Lumière Complexion Fluid (reviewed here)
A + for innovation and versatility. Gressa Skin comes again at the top and rightfully so, the Lumière Complexion fluid is a makeup hybrid: a pigmented liquid which can be applied on cheeks, lids and lips for a dewy and luminous effect. It comes in two gorgeous shades, namely Elise (pink) and Amelia (coral).

2. Pacifica Aquarian Gaze mascara (reviewed here)
The mermaid mascara, there’s no other way to put it. Smear, smudge and water- proof, its resistance abilities are simply spectactular. It passed the “nap test” with flying colors as well.

3. Modern Minerals x Lotus Wei x Beauty By Britanie B of love collection (blush + lip gloss) (mini review here)
Magic ensues when three talented women join forces. Who doesn’t want to wear flowers and crystals on their lips and cheeks? It’s genuinely the sensation you have when you wear the blush and the lipgloss. The color is a deep fuchsia which imparts the prettiest flush of color. To top it off both products have a spellbinding and uplifting scent. Makeup never felt so good.

4. Madara tinting fluid – Moon flower rose beige (reviewed here)

A light, yet sufficient coverage, the tinting fluid in “Moon flower”revives and illuminates a dull complexion instantly. The finish is dewy and skin feels hydrated. It doesn’t clog the skin and looks very natural on.

Top skincare products
5. Jillian Wright clarifying skin cleanser (reviewed here)
A game-changer. My skin hasn’t been the same since using this mild exfoliating cleanser. The congested skin cleanser is a boosting treatment to relieve and heal itchy, inflamed skin. My skin is clearer, brighter, and calmer.

6. Ami Iyök Hibistonic (reviewed here)
An all-in-one toner with astringent, antiseptic, hemostatic and anti-inflammatory effects to skin. Very light and refreshing, my skin looks calm and hydrated and I’ve noticed that it speeds up the skin’s healing process and contributed in shrinking spots. Did I mention the Cinnamon scent? Simply delightful.

7. Soveral Spotless spot treatment gel (review here)
Finally a product that I can discreetly apply under my makeup or during the day. Tea tree- free, this clear gel is gentle and calms itchy, red zits instantly. After a few days, those zits leave the surface of my skin without leaving any marks.

8. Dr. Alkaitis Soothing gel
The do-it-all for body and face. An anti-inflammatory cooling gel that works fantastic to soothe itchy and inflamed skin. Can be used as an after-shave, moisturizer, after-sun treatment and the list goes on. The soothing gel is also part of my blemish-fighting arsenal, as it keeps naughty spots at bay.

9. AEM Lights off 2-in-1 cleanser (reviewed here)
A cosy cleanser, a cross between a balm and gel, AEM Lights Off is terrific as it removes all the grime, while leaving your face calm and nourished. Everytime I use it, my complexion is glowing. It can also be left on the face as an overnight hydrating treatment. Minimum efforts, maximum results.

Top body and other products
10. Living Libation Frankincense Fresh Truth tooth paste (review here)
Sh10ort but sweet, as I went through it pretty quickly but it blew my mind. Healthy teeth and gums play a key role in our overall health. After using the Fresh Truth tooth paste, my teeth looked noticeably whiter and cleaner, in a very short time.

11. Cîme Himalaya 29°N-81°E universal balm (review here)
A fluffy, yet feather-light balm enriched with essential oils. Non-greasy
and easily absorbed with a strong, invigorating, herbal
fresh-from-the-mountain kind of scent! I use it for chest rubs to
enable better breathing at night, on dry and cracked skin, and on sore
and stiff joints. Everything works.

12. True Organic of Sweden All You Need Is Me (review here)
Another disarmingly simple, yet highly efficient product. The balm is thick and rich, but not greasy. I use it all the time for everthing (dry zones, cracked lips, fly hair, untamed brows, cuticles, heels and elbows). It’s indeed all I need.

13. Beauty Heroes Box (review here)
This year marks the discovery of a one-of-a-kind suscription box: Beauty Heroes. Each month introduces you to a skin-changing beauty ritual from the most marvellous green brands, such as Josh Rosebrook, Vintner’s daughter, In Fiore etc. A must-try!

14. Metta body oil (review here)
Authentic Lavender blended with grapeseed, macadamia, sweet almond and jojoba oils for a soothing skin treat. When applying the body oil a “Mettamorphosis” happens: you get silky soft skin and a serene mind.

15. Cedar + Stone bath salts (review here)
A mix of Dead Sea salts
(relaxes muscles) and Himalayan salt (clears mucus in lungs, natural
sleep hypnotic and relieves tension), you get the best of both world.
Add to that a stellar blend of essentials oils of orange, bergamot, gardenia, rose, geranium, jasmine absolute, blue chamomile, blue cypress. Together, you get a scent that is supremely enjoyable, and instantly comforting.

16. Sudsatorium Night Cap bubble bath (review here)
2015 is the year I tried Sudsatorium and I want to try everything from their line since using Night Cap. The Night Cap is a vegan bubble bath product that smell of a caffeinated fizzy drink. You get the energy of caffeine, without any of the bad effects.
Fair-trade, non-toxic and affordable, Sudsatorium is a brand that deserves to be known for their creative body and bath products.

And that’s a wrap! Thank you all for your love and support this year! Here’s to a joyful new year <3
May 2016 be an abundant year, filled with love, health, and happiness!

Take care,




  • Hey Liz, do you think the Gressa Lumière Complexion fluid can be used to mix in with foundations to give radiance without the pinkiness? Haha just a thought. The Soothing Gel was one of my saviors this year, so it's going into my 2015 list too!

    • Hi Ru! Ooooh this could be something worth trying. You'd mix Amelia with a foundation, right? I'm assuming this would also give a particular glow. I only use it on my cheeks, lids and lips. Had I some liquid foundation I'd have tried your suggestion 😀 xx

  • aaaaw méchante belle liste Liz! Nous avons plusieurs TOP products en commun 🙂 Le numéro 7 m'intrigue vraiment ! Et Madara, j'ai découvert cette ligne dernièrement et je suis vraiment épatée 🙂 xx

    • Merci Julie! Grâce à ta boutique, j'ai pu découvrir de vraies pépites <3. Oui Madara est vraiment bien, j'aime aussi leur eau micellaire, très rafraichissante et apaisante 🙂 xx


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