Match made in makeup heaven! W3ll People Bio-brightener stick and Nüdus lipstick in 27 Kisses.


Match made in makeup heaven! W3ll People Bio-brightener stick and Nüdus lipstick in 27 Kisses.

A few months ago, Rayna from Reina Organics (interviewed here) launched two new makeup brands, namely Nüdus and W3ll People. Both brands not being the most accessible for European customers – especially Nüdus – this is quite exciting news. I’ve had the pleasure to test out the multi-awarded bio brightener* and the risingly popular Nüdus lipstick in 27 kisses*, aka one of their best-selling shades.

I almost feel like the W3ll People bio-brightener stick needs no introduction. Less oily than Rms Living Luminizer, it is also less pale than RMS, which makes it more wearable, just very w3ll done.

The picture was taken early morning – excuse the hazy gaze – and before wearing the makeup on, I just toned my face with Indie Lee’s CoQ10 toner, and Lilfox Botanicals serum (review coming up next) to awaken my complexion. I then applied the W3ll People highlighter all over my face, following the strobing technique, on the cupids bow, nose bridge, over the cheekbones, inner corner of my eyes, forehead, chin, and on my lips for a multidimensial glow. Personally, I really like the result.
The Bio-Brightener glides on smoothly on the skin, and blends like a charm. As you can see on my arm swatch, it’s not too shimmery, it’s light, but not pale. In fact you can barely see it, because the color seems to be a good match for my skin tone. Compared to RMS Living Luminizer, the creasing is minimal – I have oily skin – and the lasting power is superior for me, especially on my cheeks. It might be due to the fact that the formula is void of coconut oil, unlike RMS, containing grape seed, beeswax and olive oil instead. If you’ve been following me for a while, you may already know that coconut oil is my skin antagonist, it just doesn’t work for me, despite trying numerously.
I’m not wearing foundation, yet the Bio-Brightener illuminates and revives my complexion. Crazy how you can achieve a makeup look with only two products, no?
Ever since switching to green beauty products, I’ve fully embraced the “less is more” philosophy. A high-quality product can really replace the work of several items.
Now let’s get back to business, it’s lipstick time 😉 It’s my first time trying this Australian brand, and I’m very impressed. In terms of pigmentation, it’s similar to Ilia lipsticks, simply superb. One layer provides a lot of color already. That being said, I enjoy building up for added intensity. The main forte? The creaminess. I didn’t apply lip balm beforehand and you can see in the picture how it coats my lips.
27 Kisses is a warm matte nude, giving you the ultimate my-lips-but-better-look, because it plumps the lips like a champ. When I took the picture, I was amazed by how fuller my lips looked. I tend to be quite picky with pinky nude lipsticks, because they either don’t show on my lips, or/and settle into fine lines. Not 27 Kisses. If you’re fond of the “my-lips-but-better” look, 27 Kisses might become your new best friend. You can tell that the founder has carefully paid attention to every single detail. In terms of packaging, it’s just so neat. A crisp white packaging. I love the little detail with the engraved woman, very feminine and a nice artistic touch. Nüdus lipsticks retail for 34EUR. They are definitely on the high-end spectrum, but be assured that the quality is marvelous, with an ingredient list containing plethora of plant and fruit extracts (with vitamins A, B, C, D, E and K). Made with 27 active natural ingredients and free from parabens, petro-chemicals, lanolin, hydrogenated oils, FD&C and Lake dyes, nano-particles. GMO, pesticides, and fungicides. Nüdus does not test on animals and is gluten-free. A guilt-free treat for your lips.
For my lovely European readers, you can find W3ll People and Nüdus on Reina Organics now and if you’re out of the EU, make sure to check out both brands retailers page.

Have you tried any of these brands?What’s your favorite makeup combination?


Take care,


*Kindly sent for reviews, all opinions my own



  • That’s an absolutely lovely color! I haven’t tried either of these products but I’m really tempted to try both now! Lovely review!

    • Thank you Ellen! Both brands have fantastic products, hope you get to try them soon. x

  • Think I need this Bio Brightener stick! And 27 Kisses looks so pretty on! Quite different from in the bullet. And you my lovely, look beautiful. You don’t need more than that on your precious face. xx

    • Nic, you know how to talk to women 😉 I’m blushing, thank you beautiful! The Bio-Brightener stick really impressed me, even when you’re generously applying it, the finish still looks natural, no disco-ball effect. 27 Kisses is stunning, I get why it’s so popular. xx

  • You looking so pretty and this shade looks very very pretty on you .but .i am bit confused .. 27 kisses looks different on everyone ..also Swatches in pics tend to give off a different shade than the actual product

    • Thank you Anusha! Yes, it’s true, the swatches look more darker (but they are made in natural light and true to the color) however I think 27 Kisses is one of those that adapts to your natural lip tone. As you can see it looks more “nude- pink” on me. The good thing with Nüdus, is that they’re very pigmented, with good coverage, and really buildable. That being said, it’s always a bit tricky when you have to order online. Since I have no brick-and-mortar stores around me, I resort to online swatches a lot, or I order samples 😉 Have you contacted Nüdus? Maybe they could offer some help. xx

  • what a creative idea! This came out so pretty! I love the luminous look the bio brightener gave this pretty lip color. ♥ thanks for sharing Liz ♥

    • You’re most welcome Tianna, thank you for reading!<3 Yes the Bio-Brightener is a great multi-tasker, works with everything. xx


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