Beauty Heroes March Box : SkinOwl Mangosteen oil and Beauty Steam


Beauty Heroes March Box : SkinOwl Mangosteen oil and Beauty Steam

_EM15748 Beauty Heroes’ March Box was another hit, featuring a brand that had been on my radar for a long time, namely SkinOwl. I’m a big fan of Annie Tevelin’s “less is more”, and “quality over quantity” philosophy, which I can also liken to Indie Lee for instance. Both brands have actually shown amazing results on my oily and blemish-prone skin.

Pictures were taken as soon as I received the box, the bottle is half empty as we speak.

The Beauty Drops PM (Skin perfecting moisturizer)

Mangosteen. The first time I ever heard that name, was in a local health store. Standing in the middle of the juice counter, a small 30ml/10ounces bottle caught my attention. However, the hefty price tag, over 40Eur. dimmed my lights haha. Mangosteen indeed belongs to that ‘Superfruit’ club. Mainly cultivated in South-East Asia, the Mangosteen fruit, has been used in traditional medicine to treat infections, wounds, inflammations and stomach trouble. While it turns out that numerous health claims on advertising websites lack serious scientific evidence (1) several studies (2) do point out that xanthone-rich Mangosteen (with vitamins B2 and B5) provides an increase of antioxidant capacity, in particular against chronic diseases caused by the aging process. The second component of this face product is Baobab oil, which I’m more acquainted with, both in nutrition and skincare. Rich in vitamin, Baobab is light, yet highly moisturizing. Another great point is that it is very stable against rancidity.

For the past couple of years, I’ve been using countless different oils, and some stand out from the lot. With SkinOwl’s Mangosteen Beauty Drops, it was love at first try. The silky, lightweight texture that blends seamlessly after application keeps my face perfectly hydrated. Not greasy, not sticky, just the right amount of nourishment. It’s my go-to face oil for my evening routine, as it ends my beauty ritual on a sweet note – the oil smells de facto like candy. It is actually the taste of the fruit itself since it’s supposedly slightly acidic and sweet. Mind.Blown.

SkinOwl recommends using 10 drops and massaging all over face and neck, which may sound a bit excessive initially, but you’ll be amazed by how light it feels, almost like water. The following day, my skin looks calm and feels baby soft, so I can attest the balancing/restoring properties of the Beauty Drops. But does it look like my skin is protected from oxidative stress? A bit premature to tell, but I’ll pay close attention to it, as the weather warms up. I’m already gearing up for summer by assembling my summer skincare routine, and the Beauty Drops will definitely have their place in it. One can never have enough antioxidants 😉

Ingredients: Mangosteen oil, Baobab oil

The Sidekick: Skin Owl Heroic Helichrysum

The sample size was enough for one use, so I kept it for a special Sunday spa session at home. Face steam are nothing new, I’ve been doing them for years and I credit it for contribution in keep my skin clear and clean. Before a face mask, steam will open your pores, which will make your skin more receptive for deep cleansing. Essential oils, flowers, tea bags, I’ve used them all for steam, and SkinOwl’s Beauty Steam, was a lovely concoction. . Obviously after one use, once can’t tell a major difference skin-wis, but the floral smell calms your mind, and after several minutes, you’ll feel much more relaxed. A beauty steam is as beneficent for your skin as it is for the mind, as it amps up a beauty ritual. Since it is an organic and wild-harvested blend of organic of soothing and anti-inflammatory ingredients, a weekly Beauty Steam will do wonders on tired and inflamed skin. If you’re completely new to this ritual, SkinOwl’s Heroic Helichrysum will enchant you because it’s one of those products that really embodies organic and (literally) natural beauty.

Ingredients: Dried yarrow, helichrysum, cornflower, calendula petals, rose petals and buds, French lavender super blue, chamomile.

You have until the 20th of each month to receive your Beauty Heroes box, but do not worry if you miss it, because you can also order directly from the Beauty Heroes store. Shipping internationally.

In a few days, the Beauty Heroes April box will be unveiled, and it’s a brand that has been on my lust list for a very long time. Can you guess which one? 😉

Take care,

*I’m a Beauty Heroes Ambassador, but all opinions my own


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