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Up close and personal with founders I Liz


Up close and personal with founders I Liz

You’ve dabbled in green beauty for some time now so what does beauty mean to you?
Beauty is a vibrant heart, a positive energy, a contagious smile or laugh, a kind spirit, a supportive soul, a clever mind. It’s everywhere, really.

Continuing on from the previous question, what is the biggest/most important lesson you have learned so far from your personal green beauty journey?
I never stop learning, but so far the most important lesson, I’ve learned is to respect my body, and treat it like a temple. Beauty and health are correlated, and ever since taking better care of myself, both mentally and physically, I’ve grown to accept myself as I am and even embrace some parts I used to strongly dislike.

What is your guilty pleasure?
Watching Project Runway. The fake drama surrounding chiffons, jumpsuits, stolen designs, lost scissors, or the scheming and sass of some contestants, it all just never gets old. Even more fun when you get together with your friends and everyone shares their favourite/least favourite designs. Also, I make a pretty good Tim Gunn impression, if I can say so myself haha.

Where’s your favourite place in the whole world?
I have yet to found out, there are many places I’d love to visit. Yet, I don’t really believe in a perfect place, but rather in the perfect company. I could live in the dullest place in the world, if I’m surrounded by the people I love and cherish, I know it will turn into a magical place.

What kind of tunes can we find you listening to while going about your day?
While my taste is pretty eclectic, my love for oldie’s and 90’s songs tends to grow stronger in the morning. Uplifting and groovy beats never fail to give me some extra energy. Lately, anything by Marvin Gaye will bring the biggest smile on my face, even on a dull and rainy Monday morning.

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