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Founded by Julie, a Canadian beauty with a heart of gold, The Green Jungle Beauty Shop has quickly become a reference in terms of brand selection. Each and every item has been carefully curated, there’s something for every budget and for all ages. Inspired by the awestruck beauty and wilderness of Hawaii, the Green Jungle Beauty Shop was created for all the beauty explorers with an eco-conscious soul.

What got you interested in clean, organic beauty?

When I discovered that there were some potentially harmful ingredients in cosmetics, my first action was to stop supporting mainstream brands that have no ethics. Later on, I came across small companies that were creating more efficient products than the ones I used to buy before, and it blew me away. The quality of the products, the ethics and passion of the founders are all things I’m fascinated by and that I want to support.

Do you carry natural and organic lifestyle into your daily diet?

Yes, most of our home budget go into food. Yes, organic and pesticide-free food cost more (they do in Quebec), but this is a sacrifice we’re willing to make. For us, food is a priority, and just like cosmetics, we want to support local organic producers and healthy food companies that we use on a daily basis.

What or who inspires you?

The little things from daily life, but mostly the women around me.

Do you have a morning ritual that helps you kickstart the day?

My morning ritual changes overtime but lately, the first thing I do is drink a big glass of water, which does me a lot of good.

What tips do you have for someone just embarking on their green journey?

Don’t feel discouraged and take it easy. You can browse blogs, but it is important to make your own researches. The world of green beauty is fascinating, and each and everyone is entitled to make their own informed decisions. One shouldn’t feel guilty for using conventional (and potentially harmful) products, what matters is finding your balance and do what works best for you. No pressure, no stress. Awareness and knowledge don’t happen in one day, going green is a journey, and the most important part is to feel comfortable on that journey.

What product(s) do you always carry in your bag?

Lip balms, but certainly not in a pot. Why? Because I’m not a fan of dipping my fingers in the balm pot, when I’m not at home. Just a hygiene matter. I also keep a bottle of Dr. Bronner’s Lavender hand sanitizer spray, and I use it for myself if I don’t have access to water and for my children.

With so many new green brands on the market how do you choose what to stock? What criteria do you use with regards to ingredients?

Yes, there are so many beautiful brands, that it can be a bit difficult to choose. Honestly, I favor brands that show originality, as well as ones you can’t find in other Canadian shops. When I was just shopping for myself (before opening The Green Jungle beauty shop), I thought that online shops lacked variety, and I’d always come across the same brands stocked in multiple boutiques. Those were gorgeous brands, but there are plenty of other fishes in the sea. Regarding the ingredients, I avoid the so-called « Dirty dozen » (which can be found on David Suzuki’s page) and more. However, I encourage readers to make their own informed decisions.
This is the disclaimer on our website, which I find relevant to share. Be it bloggers or shops, we’re not scientists and we do not hold the truth. We simply do our best every day to stay informed.
« We invite you to learn to read the ingredients by yourself and do your research. Become your own expert. We do not pretend to be experts; we believe that you should fight for your personal values and avoid the ingredients that do not go in the same direction. The ultimate goal is to be aware and informed about what we buy on a daily basis and use on our body. When we choose the brands, at The Green Jungle beauty shop, we have certain standards that want to avoid most of the chemical and synthetic products in beauty products. However, certain products could contain ingredients that you might want to avoid. We do not pretend to be absolutely pure. We are happy to provide you the lists of ingredients in each product card. Make this effort yours, get informed! »

What are the most popular brands/products on The Green Beauty Jungle currently?

The most popular brands are The Little Alchemist, Josh Rosebrook, Living Libations and Moss Skincare.
The most popular products : Meow Meow Tweet baking-soda free deodorant, The Little Alchemist face washes, Josh Rosebrook Lift Hair, texture & Volume, Cocovit’s coconut oil, Elate Cosmetic lipsticks, Living Libations Best Skin Ever, Moss Nutrient synergist and a few more.

Can we expect any exciting new additions to the line in the near future?

We always have exciting news 🙂

Do you have a mantra you live by/quote that resonates with you?

Ooooh I have many :
– surround yourself with positive people
– develop an analytical mind and stay informed
– listen to what other have to say
– empower other women instead of fighting with them.
This is the message I’ve shared on my blog for many years : « I blog about my passions, fashion, health and beauty. I opt for eco products that are without harmful chemicals, vegan, cruelty-free, ethical and organic. I started blogging for fun, simply inspired by this idea of sharing knowledge. What I admire the most ? Women’s solidarity and anti-individualism in our ultra-modern society. »


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