Clean Cult I Call it Vanity x Clean Beauty Co.


Clean Cult I Call it Vanity x Clean Beauty Co.

Meet the kind of cult you’ll want to join, aptly called Clean Cult. Great things happen when two fab and dynamic duos – Mayah and Sabrina from Call it Vanity and Dominika and Elsie from Clean Beauty Co join force to host a fantastic event gathering the finest of British green beauty brands. You’ll get to mingle with fellow green enthusiasts over a superfood cocktail in one of the coolest cities, London. Get the scoop on the story and future of Clean Cult, because this is only the beginning.

What is Clean Cult?
Clean Cult is a collective of like-minded thinkers. We’re all about bringing together those behind the clean beauty movement with an emphasis on not just natural ingredients, but great quality that stands shoulder to shoulder with conventional beauty brands – or let’s face it, excels beyond them. But it’s not just about brands! There are plenty of people out there raising awareness beyond making products and we want to highlight that whilst leaving the door open to people who are new to green beauty and want to learn more. It’s also about connecting the dots between mind, body, and beauty. There are so many people out there who will only eat clean, organic food but will still obliviously use what we deem are unsafe products. There’s no judgement – we are just here to help people make informed choices whilst having a good time and having the opportunity to be educated. We felt an event is the most hands-on and fun way to do this, so here we are!

Clean Cult being the result of two duo joining forces: Call it Vanity and Clean beauty Co. How did the partnership first start?
Instagram of course! It was kinda love at first sight when we came across each others’ accounts, and after a few emails back and forth we realised we were all thinking the same thing – we had to collaborate. Despite the fact London is a huge city and full of creative people, the green beauty scene is still pretty underground, and both being London-based we wanted to make something happen to tie the community together here. We started meeting up for drinks and chats sometime last year (including all getting mani/pedi together hah!) and it really all went from there. Our personality and goals just gel together really well, so why the heck not?!

When it comes to wellness and green beauty, what place does London hold? Why starting with London, and more precisely the Ethos Spitalfields?
It’s true that London is maybe a little behind on that whole scene when you compare it to places like New York, LA, and Sydney, but in the last 2-3 years, it’s really kicked off. We remember it was only around 5 years ago that if you wanted to get dairy free milk you could only find it in specialist health food stores even in London and it was so pricey, but now it’s all over the supermarkets! These days though it’s a different story. When we Londoners want to do something, it has to be done 100% right and these things take time. We like to think that it’s a quality over quantity approach! Some of the world’s best food writers and bloggers now come out of London and are driving healthy living forwards, and beauty is following suit. You can now find the most amazing organic and natural beauty products in trendsetting department stores like Liberty London and Selfridges, many of which come from right here in London. Think the likes of world renowned Pai Skincare, Aurelia Probiotic Skincare, and Oskia. Many of the brands exhibiting at Clean Cult London – all of which are British – will be from the capital themselves too. We may not all be originally from London, but this city has a habit of adopting you and stealing your heart no matter where you are from, so it was a no-brainer to begin our mission here. In terms of choosing ETHOS, it was almost a happy coincidence. At the end of the day, we could have just hired any old space – god knows we have the choice here – and made it work, but we wanted every aspect of Clean Cult London to have a purpose. We knew a friend who was involved in their launch here in London (they are originally from Cambridge) and it just seemed like the perfect fit. They are all about taking an all-encompassing approach to wellbeing; they have every kind of fitness class under the sun, so whether you just prefer light yoga or a hardcore workout they will have an experience tailored to you. They can also map out nutrition plans based on your body’s own needs as well as being able to identify your sensitivities and imbalances through various tests. Most of our focus on the day though will be in their cafe/bar where they will be serving out everything from their bespoke superfood cocktails to matcha lattes – bliss! For us, it’s not just a venue but a partnership of ideas as they also want to permanently bring natural and holistic self-care into their wellness model.

For the people joining on July 10, what can they expect?
Above all, we want people to have fun! This isn’t an event exclusively for those already part of the green beauty community; we want to draw all kinds of people in who are into wellness, fitness and beauty to make connections and learn from each other. As mentioned above, there will be guilt-free, healthy drinks available for those who want to try them along with complimentary clean eats. Most importantly on the beauty end, we’ll have some interesting brands for people to engage with and discover, plus the opportunity to get a free mini makeover, and their nails done at our nail bar. Clean Beauty Co will also be doing their thing with live DIY beauty demos which will be one of the highlights. Oh, and we couldn’t say no to a goodie bag could we?
nice selection of British brands will be exhibiting and selling during the Clean Cult event. How and why did you choose these brands?
There is a fair amount of choice these days when it comes to green beauty, but we wanted to have a curated feel to the brands taking part. For us, it doesn’t just end with natural ingredients. The whole message behind the brand has to be genuine – we’re not about bandwagons here – so we feel all those involved have a real passion for the wellbeing of others and the environment. We also want to prove that conscious beauty can be cool too, so the look and feel of the products are important to us. Just because you want to ditch the nasties shouldn’t mean you have to compromise on enjoying your beauty regime on every level, so we’re making sure that we’ll only be representing the crème de la crème of green beauty who have these same ideals at the heart of what they do.
Are you planning more events in the future? Nationwide or even internationally?
In short, yes! Although this all started off as wanting to create a London-based community of like-minded beauty lovers, we’re definitely not limiting our dreams and goals to the borders of this city. Between the four of us we’re always travelling and on the lookout for the next best thing in green beauty wherever we go – maybe one day Clean Cult can come along with us! For now though, London is definitely our hub and we’re waiting to see what doors this first event will open…but a Clean Cult London 2017 is definitely on the cards already.
Want to join the Clean Cult event in London? All you need is get your tickets now (here).
When: July 10 – from 12pm to 3 pm and 3pm to 6 pm.
Where: ETHOS Spitalfields, London, UK
Follow them on Instagram and Twitter to stay updated.
Be sure to mark your calendar, we’ve already done so in our event section (here) as we certainly wouldn’t want to miss this amazing event.



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