More than activewear: Asquith


More than activewear: Asquith

_1010214As you may or may not know, my interest in eco-fashion has been growing for the past couple of years, however, I tend to write more fashion articles for The Peridot Mag. I reckon that my blog is more beauty-oriented. That being said, a fashion post is great to mix things up a little bit and I’m excited to talk about a brand that was new on my radar, namely Asquith*.

Before I start right away with my impressions, a little introduction about the brand is necessary. Founded in 2002 by Alice Asquith, the aim was to create a sustainable range of Yoga/sport garments that look practical and stylish at the same time. Everything is designed in London, and made in a fair-trade factory in Turkey, using organic and high-quality fabrics. From the start, Asquith wanted to have a positive impact and create clothes that are good for you and for the planet. Using mainly bamboo and organic cotton, their fabrics are all Oeko-tex certified (which means that they have a low carbon footprint and have biodegradable fibres). Bamboo has the advantage of being fast-growing and environmentally low-impact fabric. Add to that the fact that it’s naturally anti-bacterial, breathable and wicks away sweat, which makes it particularly fitting to use for activewear. Promising, isn’t it? Now a few more words from the founder herself about the importance of ethical fabrics.

“The issues surrounding non-organic cotton farming are not well documented. Although it’s only grown on 2.5% of the world’s agricultural land, it consumes 16% of all insecticides and 6.8% of all herbicides used worldwide, which sadly wash out of soils and pollutes rivers and groundwater. Industrial fertilizers also release large amounts of Carbon Dioxide and excessive application of nitrates to land transforms them into nitrous oxide – believed to be 300 times more destructive than CO2 in terms of global warming. Many developing world farmers have also been taken ill by using the sprays incorrectly. (…) “I’ve grown up with a love of natural, beautiful, quality fabrics. From my mother, grandmother, great grandmother, all sewing and designing their own clothes. Beautiful fabrics were always the corner stone of the Asquith brand. We started off with natural cottons and viscose and then about 9 years ago when I read and understood the issues surrounding cotton farming, and I discovered the amazing properties of bamboo we were able to take the range to new levels as a truly ethical brand. Our fabrics are kind to your skin, as they’re sustainable and chemical free, but also kind to our planet. Our fabrics are what set us apart and their quality and performance capabilities, and how they feel against your skin, are key to our collections. If a fabric doesn’t feel beautiful next to your skin then it doesn’t pass the test and I don’t use it!”


Be Grace Batwing with Rio pink star (Size S)

This is actually their bestselling top from their collection and I’m not surprised, it’s amazing. Being a star print lover, I could not resist wearing this. Business in the front, party in the back as they say ;). The vibrant pink star is a cute and playful touch. While the strength of the Be Grace top remains its practicality, the style, trend aspect is not neglected. I’m 5’1 (155cm) with a short torso and when it first arrived, I was worried it would be too loose and too long, but I was wrong. The cut is clever because regardless of any size, this will look flattering and comfortable. The batwing sleeves are fantastic because they provide more freedom in your movements and allow your body to breathe. I really don’t know how I was even able to work out and do Yoga with a simple, plain t-shirt, especially when the movements involved being upside down: I would always end up tucking my shirt into my pants to avoid the risk of flashing my stomach. I don’t have to worry anymore with the Be Grace top; it keeps its shape because it is fitted at the hip area, so the belly stays warm and covered. It was my first time wearing something made of bamboo fabric and it made me realize what I was missing out because it is super soft. I even prefer it to organic cotton since bamboo also helps regulate body temperature.

Price: £52.00


Live Fast Pants (size S)

It’s official, I have joined the Yoga-pants wearer club and I’m the first one surprised by that. Once you find the right pair for you, it’s hard to go back. I’m never taking these off! They are hands down the softest and coziest pants I’ve ever worn. A game-changer for me because I never had luck with workout pants/sport leggings before. I now realize now the importance of opting for organic, non-bleached and chemical-free fabrics in general, but even more so for workouts. Non-organic fabrics used to give me rashes and started to feel itchy once in contact with sweat. This doesn’t happen with Asquith, it’s pure comfort and ease. I was initially concerned that size S would be too small as I’m petite and curvy, but that fear was squashed down as soon as I put these on. They are stretchy, but not tight and suffocating. The fabric is thick and opaque, so it’s not see through like a legging, but it feels as comfortable and wearable. Even during warmer temperature, they feel supremely light and breathable, it almost doesn’t feel like I’m wearing pants. The waist band is amazing because it keeps the stomach warm (and tight hehe) and it doesn’t make me want to go back to my regular button pants. In fact, I wear these all the time, not just for Yoga or power-walking. Paired with a nice top and shoes, I’m totally able to wear this during the daytime and look put together.


I’m thrilled that I had the opportunity to know more about Asquith and try this outfit. I’m definitely going to invest in more items from them in the future. It’s refined, high-quality and ethical fashion at its finest. Each piece is versatile and can be worn for multiple occasions, it’s much more than activewear.

Have you tried Asquith and/or Bamboo fabric?

Take care,

*Kindly sent for review consideration, all opinions my own






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