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3 eco tech inventions to watch


3 eco tech inventions to watch

The use of new technologies to the service of sustainability and well-being is not only a growing trend but a real necessity. Spotlight on three very promising innovations that can improve our lives as consumers, our eating habits but also reduce food waste.


A revolutionary pocket-sized molecular sensor device which enables you to analyze the chemical materials of food, plants, medications. You’ll have access to all the nutritional facts (how much sugar in a fruit for example), the properties of plants.
How does it work?
With your device in hand, you just scan the product you’d like to receive more information about. Once connected to your smartphone, you’ll receive all the info and details via the SCiO app. The company counts on building a strong community to grow data and exchange knowledge. The possibilities for SCiO applications are endless and could expand to reading properties of fabrics, cosmetics, flora, stones, oils, plastics or any other materials.

The price starts at 249$, available directly through their website.

The BioBlend device

Composting made easier and at the reach of everyone. This is the idea behind BioBlend which was conceived and developed by a group of engineering students from the Rice University. Directly under the kitchen sink, BioBlend retrieves very finely chopped up food waste – thus taking less time to turn into compost – from the garbage disposal and sends it in one direction while liquid waste (including water) goes in another direction. The process is explained in the video below. For more info, click here.

Phresh Organics

A highly innovative organic and non-toxic food protector that expands the shelf life of fruits and vegetables, thus reducing product waste significantly. Phresh comes in the form of a playful container (three designs are currently available). Inside this container, you add the Phresh organic powder (made of microencapsulated essential oils, such as clove, spearmint, thyme and more) and put it next the fruits and veggies you want to prevent from spoiling too quickly.

They have reached their goal on crowdfunding platform IndieGogo, so we can expect to more from Phresh soon as the shipping of the prototypes will start in August. For more info, check out their website.

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