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The green beauty fun continues, after July’s Clean Cult event, we’re thrilled to share with you another green beauty event happening in September, namely Gorgeously Green. It’s the second edition of GG, organised by Sarah from Sugarpuffish and Jen from Jen’s green skincare . Of course, we had to ask them a few questions about their fantastic event reuniting bloggers, green enthusiasts and eco brands.

What is Gorgeously Green? What’s the inspiration behind it?

Our vision for Gorgeously Green has been to bring together the green beauty community to allow them to expand their product knowledge and engage in discussion with people who share the same passions. After attending events outside of the green community we realised that often time with brands is too short, a simple hello, how are you?, and exchange of business cards but we wanted more. This inspired us to organise something a bit different as we wanted time to get to know our favourite brands. It was also a great way to spend the day with like-minded people, some of which we’ve been speaking to for years through social media.

Can you tell us a bit more about the brands attending?

We have four brands attending – Beeutiful, Evolve Organic Beauty, Mallow + White and Terre Verdi. Beeutiful is a local brand (not far from Farnborough) making natural skincare from beeswax and honey produced with their own or local bees. Evolve Organic Beauty are known for their vegan, organic and natural skin, body and hair products made from oils, butters, and superfoods sourced from around the world. Mallow + White are passionate about simple and effect skincare based on 6 ingredients or less in each product. Inspired by the founder’s native Sicily, Terre Verdi products are vegan, ethically sourced and organic. Both Beeutiful and Terre Verdi picked up awards in the recent Free From Skincare Awards 2016. Beeutiful won Bronze for their B Rose Facial Balm and Terre Verdi won Gold for their FranChouliPom Body Oil.

We should also mention our Sponsor, Totally Organic, who stocks a range of certified organic skincare products. Whilst they won’t be speaking on the day, they will be attending so there is an opportunity for networking.

GG 4 brand promo tweet

For the people joining on September 11, what can they expect?

The day will be divided into 5 segments; our 4 fantastic brands who will be delivering presentations and hosting Q&A sessions, with the last part of the day dedicated to networking in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. We have asked our brands to bring along their products so bloggers can get hands-on sampling their ranges.

The event will take place in Farnborough, at the Village Hotel? Is there a specific reason behind the choice of this venue?

Having already worked with Village Hotels last year for GG 2015 in Swindon, it was a purely a business choice to continue using their services and they made a fab vegan cake! We were very pleased with the facilities they have to offer, it makes it easier for us from an organiser’s perspective to stay within the chain. The location was an important factor this year; Swindon was perhaps a little too far for some bloggers to travel so we wanted to move the event closer to London. Farnborough is in a good position being close to the M3 and 40-50 minutes from London Waterloo.

What is your favourite thing about GG?

Bringing brands and bloggers together to chat beauty for an entire day is definitely a highlight. It’s wonderful to put faces to Twitter profiles and emails. Taking time to get to know everyone is very important and one of the reasons we extended the networking session this year.


As you can see it’s a good reason to look forward to September, we certainly do. Want to join? Here’s how:

When? September 11 – 9.30am to 5pm

Where? Village Hotel, Farnborough

Tickets are available to buy from 11th July 2016. For a limited time priced at £15 (11th – 25th July) increasing to £20 after these dates. Contact gorgeouslygreengathering@gmail.com for more information.

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