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Ever feel like you need a quick boost and that you don’t get enough nutrients in your diet? Then you might want to check out our review of Alchemy Super Blends and even better, read on our interview of Karen Newby, the amazing founder of Alchemy Super Blends. Each blend targets specific nutritional needs and is Soil Association certified. 

What inspired you to create your superfood blends?

As a nutritional therapist. I’m very much an advocate of food as your medicine.  The idea for Alchemy came out of a need to create something that was nutritional therapy in a pouch – food that could help support a certain health need.  Quite often I would recommend superfoods and vegan plant protein powders but this was also quite expensive for clients and then they would clutter up cupboards or it’s easy to forget what they are for! This is why the blends are so convenient – if you want more energy, then you just have to take Energy Elixir!  I also wanted to merge plant proteins with superfoods, as both are hugely important. People often don’t get enough protein from plants in their diet as well as nutrients from plants in general.  Protein is so so important to health – it is the building block of life!  All the blends have a breakdown of nutrient content on the back because I wanted to show that even 10g of my products will go a long way to delivering our RDA of iron, Vit C, B Vits etc.  I was also keen to make them a food and not a supplement so that they are easy to absorb and digest.

This might be a rather ‘naive’ question, but is it possible to combine two (or more) of your blends for a more powerful boost or would it be too much?

Of course!  The beauty of these blends is that they are FOOD and not SUPPLEMENTS so you can take as much or as little as needed.  I use the Morning and Beauty Elixirs in my breakfast smoothie and then a shot of Energy Elixir before training or if I’m feeling tired.


All Alchemy Super Blends are Soil association certified. Why was it important for you to get the certification?

I wanted to create the blends with the Soil Association organic status as this is the most controlled organic approval body out there.  This stamp gives me the peace of mind that my raw ingredients are the priest they can be.  When we concentrate food stuffs (even when making a juice), we run the risk of concentrating pesticides too.

Do you have a morning routine, how do you usually like to start off your day?

Always with a glass of water!  It is usually quite crazy as I have two boys that I need to get to school and then I swim straight after drop off (not in the sea I might add – we are based in Brighton).  I then return home for my green smoothie and work.  If I don’t exercise first thing in the morning then I never find time to do it and I like to catch the day work wise.


There are many ways to incorporate the super blends into our diet, however, could you share with us one of your favorite recipes ?

My go-to green breakfast smoothie is Morning and Beauty Elixir with some frozen blueberries, celery, cucumber, spinach, a squeeze of lemon and a small avocado.  The combination of the Elixirs and greens gives me a massive micronutrient hit along with the added vegan protein and gentle soluble fibre (such as psyllium husk in the Morning Elixir) that helps keeps me pin sharp all morning without cravings.  Your body craves micronutrients which make every cell in our body function well, which then creates more energy! I purposely didn’t flavour the blends so that they don’t overpower fresh juice or smoothies and because I wanted to champion the alkaline taste of plants which is often so limited in our sugar mad world!

For more useful and practical nutritional tips, we can only invite you to read Alchemy Super Blend’s ebook, now available on their website (here).










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