Lotus Wei Inspired Action


Lotus Wei Inspired Action

Today is the day that FlowerEvolution book by Katie Hess, founder of Lotus Wei, is being released. It promises to be a one of kind interactive experience, delving into the secrets that flowers hold. Photographs taken by Louie Schwartzberg are simply breathtaking. This looks like a book meant to be proudly displayed and not tucked away somewhere on a bookshelf.

When exploring the foundations on which Lotus Wei has been built, it becomes pretty clear that flowers are the superheroes in this story. Each one comes with its own set of gifts, and Katie Hess, like an orchestra conductor, combines them to play a particular tune. The melody that we want to explore today is the one of Inspired Action.

Fire star orchid boosts creativity and innovation; euphrasia helps with being decisive and trusting your own intuition; red bird of paradise improves focus and ability to get things done – these are the main players in Inspired Action remidies, but there are plenty of supporting actors. Pink lotus brings wisdom and insight to the party; chandelier succulent gives determination and follow through; lemon and lime provide a boost of happy energy, and pink pepper enhances alertness and stamina. So this is what Inspired Action is all about on paper, but nothing really compares to trying it out and seeing what it does for yourself.

The first time I experienced Inspired Action, the scent reminded me of lemon cola drinks, probably due to the cinnamon and lemon in it. It’s not overly sweet or spicy, the mist has the right balance.
As someone who writes a lot, the lack of creative juice or the much-dreaded writer’s block can occasionally occur. Usually, a breath of fresh air and going out for a distraction are my go-to solutions. However, when you’re in a situation where you can’t take a break and you have to finish what you started, Inspired Action turned out to be a great working ally. Did the mist magically boost my productivity and drag me out of mental fogginess and demotivation? I would not go that far, but the uplifting and grounding scent makes it a pleasant sensory experience and as a result, encourages you to keep up your work. Inspired Action will not magically unleash your inner Hemingway, but it is that gentle little push that will get you back on track. To me, it comes in really handy during, lets say, the last stretch of an essay writing or when I’m in a middle of a long to-do list. I personally prefer the Lotus Wei elixirs over the mists, the effects were more noticeable for me.
One advice: apply liberally. This is how you’ll get the most out of it.

– Liz.

When it comes to Inspired Action I have it in three forms: anointing oil, mist and perfume. Let’s face it, I need it all! It would probably be rude to blame my parents for my procrastination gene (is that even a thing?), so I won’t, but the truth of the matter is, getting to the point of starting something (and I mean anything, be it tidying, or a creative project) always is a huge effort.

My first experience was with the mist, and it was a fair few years ago, when I was getting ready for exams. As you can imagine, that wasn’t exactly fun, but Inspired Action got me through it. The citrusy peppery scent always made it easier for me to focus and absorb information, however, I don’t think I truly appreciated it untill last year, when I decided to pursue writing and illustrating as a full-time occupation. It was a huge change of pace, and it was extremely daunting. I was questioning every project and every idea. While the lack of inspiration wasn’t a problem, lack of action surely was.

The desire to curl up into a ball and ignore everything was really strong. I turned to Lotus Wei once again, and with constant spraying of perfume and mist, in a few days my inner procrastinator was starting to let go of its reins. It was really strange, but after a few weeks of regular use I had this clarity (I’m guessing I always knew it, but it just suddenly became so clear): that my procrastination, when it comes to projects, has very little to do with laziness, and a lot to do with fear of failing. You can chuck it up to me becoming older and more in tune, or to the properties of pink lotus, that impart wisdom and insight, as part of this blend.

I think Inspired Action could have a huge impact on anyone, once you figure out what form works best for you (elixir, serum, mist etc.) with one caveat, you actually have to use it! You have to make a conscious decision to reach for that bottle, and in a way, that is step one of starting to solve a problem that you are struggling with.



FlowerEvolution is out now and available on Amazon, for more information about the book and to enter sweepstakes if you already purchased one, have a look here.



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