Subscription boxes for green beauties (Beauty Heroes, Glowing Beets and many more)


Subscription boxes for green beauties (Beauty Heroes, Glowing Beets and many more)


ARTICLE FIRST PUBLISHED APRIL 2016, BUT REGULARLY UPDATED.While beauty boxes are nothing new, green options were quite a rare
While beauty boxes are nothing new, green options were quite a rare occurrence, but not anymore. Many eco subscription companies have sprouted over the last couple of years. As a result, I decided to do a little research and a compilation of different eco boxes.

THE beauty box: Beauty Heroes_EM15746
While I do have the pleasure to be a Beauty Heroes Brand Ambassador, I wouldn’t have been one if I genuinely wasn’t blown away by the quality. Beauty Heroes sets itself apart by introducing each month one innovative eco brand and carefully selecting its “hero” product with a sidekick. If you don’t like being drowned in tons of little samples, then Beauty Heroes is the right match for you. You always get at least one full-size, and even more, as you can see on the picture, with the Beautycounter products.
Also, the brands featured are curated by a panel of beauty experts (whole list is here). By only selecting one brand each time, Beauty Heroes introduces the customer to a skin ritual. Think of it as a mini spa session in a box 🙂 Beauty Heroes also has an online clean beauty shop, where you can buy the products. If you’re already a member you also get 15% off. You have until the 20th of each month to place an order for a box. The April Box is celebrating True Botanicals, you can see my IG pic and subscribe here.

The niche box: Glowing Beets

_EM14367A box introducing you to some artisan and niche brands for a very affordable price. The boxes are filled to the brim, and the samples are generous. Over time, I’ve had the pleasure to connect with Wejo, the super sweet founder and I asked her a few questions just for you to get an idea of her vision.
 1. Can you tell us a little bit more about you?
I’m a person that’s obsessed with skin care and LOVE beauty products (even though I rarely wear makeup, I love them.)  I can spend all my free time on researching the next skin care/beauty products and thoroughly love it. I also really love subscription boxes, it’s so fun(and nice,) to get what feels like presents in the mail every month.
2. What is your beauty routine like?
I have different morning and evening beauty routine.  At night time, I focus more on cleansing(because cleansing is the most important step in skin care) and feeding my skin with nutrients that will help my skin heal and regenerate while I sleep.  In the morning, I focus on protecting my skin with antioxidants and sunscreen.
3. Any favorite beauty tip?
My favorite beauty tip would be –  it takes health living and using natural beauty products to achieve glowing skin.  With great skin, makeup is used to enhance, not cover up, your glowing beauty.
4. What drove you to start your own subscription box?
I combined all my favorite things into one –  natural beauty subscription box.
5. Is there a story behind the name of Glowing Beets?
Glowing Beets is a name that popped into my head one early morning, between the hours of 2-4AM; so, I guess I must really like beets. 😉
6. The past couple of years we have witnessed an emergence of beauty boxes, how does Glowing Beets sets itself apart?
I think there are a lot of great beauty boxes out there and I think it’s great that there are so many great boxes out there!  Like everything in life, you just have to find the right one for YOU. Glowing Beets will set itself apart by being the right box for the right people.



The new kid in town: Esthoriabox

The official launch is in May, but the subscriptions are starting now, and I have a feeling the box will be sold out quickly 😉 Based in Toronto, Esthoriabox is a green beauty box aiming to offer 2 to 3 full-size products with a spotlight on one brand each month. The first box is celebrating RMS Beauty, with 3 of its best-sellers. One of the products is the gorgeous RMS Lip shine (you can pick your shade). Esthoriabox has kindly offered a 10% discount code for my lovely readers: just give your email and you’ll receive the code (here). Esthoriabox ships internationally. (Pic source: esthoriabox)



Box from shops: Botanika by Alice & White, LoveLula, Naturisimo and The Detox Market

Green beauty shops also offer a curated box of goodies, from brands they are stocking. Here are 4 of them.

Botanika by Alice & White: Limited edition. Beautifully wrapped with a little skincare menu sheet, Botanika by eco-luxe shop Alice & White, features a lovely selection of 5-6 deluxe samples, but full-sizes can pop in as well, as pictured (here). Shipping is free for Sweden, but they ship internationally. Customer service is amazing.

Lovelula Beauty box: Lovelula has one of the widest brand selection, so for £12.50, you have the possibility to discover many new brands. (international options available)

Naturisimo Discovery box: On several occasions, Naturismo sells a cute discovery box (see the content of the radiance box here) for an affordable price. I’ve ordered a few of them, and I was really happy, as they were a good value for money. Subscribe to their newsletter to be informed for the upcoming one. Shipping internationally.

The Detox Market : For special occasions, The Detox market also offers a fantastic box. Right now, it’s The Detox Your Beauty Spring Box (in collaboration with Café gratitude). You get 8 best-selling products valued at over $230, for the price of $129.

The vegan chic boxes : Petit Vour, LaRitzy and Lovegoodly

Petit Vour: It was one of the first boxes I subscribed to, but the international option was temporarily removed. Recognizable because of its super cute pink box, Petit Vour selects popular niche cruelty-free brands. Subscriptions options for US and Canada can be found (here), but it seems like there’s still a possibility to get it shipped elsewhere, you’d have to contact the PV team for more info.

LaRitzy: Starting at $14.99/month, you get a mix of full and travel sizes from natural and cruelty-free brands. Their previous boxes had a lovely mix of indie makeup and artisan skincare. The April box is already sold out, but suscriptions are still open for the next box.

Lovegoodly: For $39.95, you get 5-7 full-sized premium products, the April-May box is curated by Alicia Silverstone and every purchase supports a cause, and a part of the profits go to charity. For now, they only ship to the US but they plan on shipping internationally, so that’s exciting!

The pioneer one: VeganCuts

Launched in 2006, VeganCuts was the first green box I had heard about, and it’s still up to this day one of the most popular boxes. The Beauty Box costs $22.95 each month and offers a mix of samples from indie and more luxury vegan brands. Shipping internationally.

The wanderlust box: Pearlesque box

Pearlesque box introduces each month, fro $39.99, to a skincare brand coming from a specific geographic location. Featuring a new place every month, the past one one was about Malibu. Free shipping for US but international shipping available.

Artisan beauty boxes:

Kloverbox: For 25$, this US box is mixing cruelty-free organic beauty, accessories and snacks from indie brands.

Terra Bella Box: Handmade artisan bath and beauty brands. They also offer the possibility to order a “lite” version, featuring only 2-3 samples, which I think is a good idea if you feel like you’re collecting too many samples.

The Boxwalla: a cool concept offering 4 different boxes: beauty, food, literature and film. April’s beauty box ($49.95) is sold out, but you can order the June box. Free US shipping, but international shipping options are available. Worth checking out: their clever artisan map.

Artibox collective: a Canadian box, featuring new and upcoming local brands. They are no longer offering monthly boxes, and will instead work on themed gift boxes.

Amor Naturals: a very pretty quarterly box with handmade products in NYC for $19.99. Free shipping on your first order with the code (FREESHIP15).

The blogger boxes:

I mentionned the Organic Bunny box in my series for bloggers (here), and now Teri Temiyahira has launched a subscription box featuring her own makeup line (click here for more infos).

Boxes from all over the world:


Vegan-box: Featuring popular vegan and organic brands, vegan-box comes every two month, and is shipped for free in Germany. They both offer both snack and beauty boxes; the beauty one retails for 24.90 Eur.

Fairybox: starting at Eur.19.90, Fairybox guarantees eco brands that are never tested on animals and includes in the mix the newest product launches.

Puritybag (by Spatacular): A curated eco-chic box, featuring full-sized products (Ilia, Organic Pharmacy, Und Gretel to name a few) Costing Eur. 53.99, you can customize to a certain extend your box, so that it matches your personal taste and needs as close as possible.

France: Nuoo is a French organic beauty box featuring fresh eco brands from all over the world. There’s 10% off with code “WELCOME” if you pick a 3,6, or 12-month subscription. Shipping to France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany and Switzerland.

Switzerland: Etyka is a beautiful eco-luxe box, featuring only full-sized products. In each box, you get a mix of wellness, lifestyle, culture beauty and food + a magazine. Shipping to Switzerland and in the rest of Europe.


Naturalbox: For Eur 29 each month, Naturalbox is rotating snacks, beauty, and health. They currently sell a snack box, but beauty box pop up on certain occasions too. Free shipping worldwide.

Purebox: The website is only in Swedish, but from what I understood, they offer fair-trade and natural beauty products.


Bob & Boxy  is a personalized eco box with 5 beauty products, the packaging is produced and designed in Denmark made from recycled materials and all recyclable.

Green Mind Set vegan beauty box: A new service offered by a Danish green store. 5 deluxe samples mixing haircare and skincare, from indie brands to more established ones.

Hong Kong: Naturally better box is a cruelty-free and eco subscription box, international shipping options available if you contact them.


Pure Natural Box: A quarterly organic beauty box featuring at least 6 products from top UK brands (Bodhi & Birch, Organic Surge, Weleda, Angela Landford, Mitchell & Peach) brands for £25.

Letterbox gift shop: A beautiful wooden box packed with lovely indie British goodies. A sweet mixture of food, tea, beauty and stationery. My favorite: the Sophia box

Australia: Launched by a naturopath, the vegan box is a monthly box mixing full/travel/samples-sized products. Everything is palm oil-free, and they ship internationally. Cost: $49.95

Coming soon: Purebox (currently rebranding.)

Nuubox (UK)

The wellness boxes

Goodbeing: Formerly Goodebox, Goodbeing is a fantastic customizable green beauty and wellness box with multiple subscriptions options, starting at $19. (international shipping possiblities)

Buddhibox: Entirely dedicated to Yoga, mixing essetnial oils, yoga mat spray, jewelry, eco-freindly snack puches. a monthly box costs $32.95

Yuzenbox: With a particular focus on products that provide relaxation, Yuzen comes every three months, and offers a mixture of beauty and lifestyle.

The concept box:

RosePost Box: (US) In honor of one magical ingredient – rose.  Rosepost box is a quarterly subscription for discovering the best in rose-infused beauty. Brands are green and cruelty-free and products are full-size. The inaugural Fall box shipped in November, the Winter box will ship in February.


I hope you enjoyed this little overview of the different types of eco and green boxes available. Now there are probably companies I’ve forgotten/or that am not aware of, so if you are subscribed to a beauty box, feel free to let me know and I’ll update the post <3

What is your favorite subscription box?

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