What to shop on LoveLula#1

LoveLula has a large selection of eco and organic products. If you just started your green journey or you’re simply looking for lovely brands, I hope that this mini-series will help you find some eco-gems, these are the products that I loved and would repurchase in the future.

Kimberly Sayer of London: Gentle almond & Lavender face scrub

As you may or may not know, Pai’s Jojoba Kukui brightening exfoliator has been my holy grail scrub for years, but this Kimberly Sayer face scrub is brilliant, especially during winter when the skin needs extra TLC. Creamy and unctuous, it removes effortlessly dry patches, leaving the skin silky smooth. Non-abrasive, suitable for all skin types, including sensitive.

Balm Balm flower hydrosol

The travel size is highly convenient to keep in your purse or simply put on your desk while working. When the first signs of tiredness/tightness appear, a quick spritz and you’ll feel fresh like a rose again. Balm Balm does an amazing job providing simple products with a stellar quality. Less is more.


Madara SOS Hydra moisture & radiance mask 

One of my go-to winter masks, which I’ve also featured on my Instagram #maskweek (here). This boosts the skin and replenishes it instantly.  It leaves a protective film on the skin to restore firmness and hydration Amazing in cold temperatures but also after a  shower or bath to rebalance the skin.

MOA fortifying bath potion

This is magic in a bottle. It feels warming and invigorating and eradicates the first signs of a cold. A powerful mix of peppermint, fennel, fir needle and sweet birch, I saw a difference after one use. The herbal scent is quite strong, but it is a good thing in my book 😉


Turbliss bioactive peat toner

LoveLula has an eclectic selection of international brands, Turbliss is a brand from Estonia using peat. Since I am self-professed skincare guinea pig, I was really curious to give this a try. Peat is rich in humic acids, humin, and fulvic acids, unbeknownst to me, has a long tradition in spa medicine and rheumatology. It has a mild astringent and anti-inflammatory activity and therefore is used in skincare.1.  Peat comes from moors and bogs, in the form of peat water, it less concentrated and subsequently less potent than say, a peat mask or serum. However, it is precisely for that reason that the peat toner would fit perfectly in my skincare routine for sensitive skin (here). Gentle but efficient, it’s a mild astringent toner that doesn’t aggravate my skin but softly helps it heal again.


Have you tried any of these? Stay tuned for more LoveLula picks.

Take care,


*Part of the Llabp, affiliate links might occur, all opinions my own.



  • Do they ship to the US? I went on their website and it looks like it’s free shipping with a minimum purchase amount but that cannot be right for international shipping.

    • Hi Mary, yes, they do ship worldwide for free (wherever you are, over £15). But if you want express shipping with a tracking number, you have to pay an extra. 🙂 xx


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