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My Spring eco-fashion wardrobe wishlist


My Spring eco-fashion wardrobe wishlist

I mentioned previously that I wanted to include more eco-fashion posts on the blog and I’m excited to share my Spring/Summer wishlist. Last year, I cleared out my wardrobe and made the decision to stop hoarding, thus leaving space to incorporating more eco-fashion pieces. While I do occasionally look at some new “mainstream” fashion items with envy because they totally correspond to my personal style, the spectacular rise of ethical fashion labels the past couple of years has been making it easier for me to find pieces that match my soul and style.

For Spring, I’m craving colors, patterns, and flowy/loose fits. You’ll find in the picture gallery my latest coup de coeur” in the world of eco-fashion. Let me know if there are some pieces that you like as well.

Which eco-brands are on your radar? What are your thoughts on ethical fashion?

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*pictures credit belong to the respective brands featured.

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