My post-flu essentials: makeup, skin/body care and wellness favorites

Hi lovelies! I could have also titled this post: how to look and feel human again. I took all my precautions but I still had to take a few days off because I was feeling under the weather. As soon as I spot the first symptoms of the flu, I have to tackle it right away to avoid it to turn into a sinusitis. I did a post where I share how I relieve cold/sinusitis pain (here) if anyone needs help. Today, I wanted to focus on the aftermath of fighting off the flu/cold/sinusitis and share the products (which include makeup, skin/body care, and wellness) that help me bounce back and feel vibrant again.



Reviewed (here). Does exactly what it says. The cream texture is extremely light and absorbs like a charm and after regular use, I did notice a more even under eye area.

SkinOwl’s latest release has swept me off my feet. I use these shimmer oils (which come in a set of 3) in multiple ways: primers, body oils, highlighters, everything works. On sick days, Morganite is my go-to because it imparts a subtle golden sheen to your skin, thus making it look healthier.

One of my favorite products of 2017 (reviewed here).  I’m still obsessed with it. Basically, it removes dead skin cell, softens the skin and revigorates your complexion. Can’t recommend it enough.

This is a spa treatment for your face. You can feel your circulation flowing with this polyphenol-rich skin boost. 20 minutes on and you turn from a character from the Walking Dead into an Olympic champion that just won the gold medal in alpine skiing. Dull skin no more.


I’ll be doing an entire post dedicated to deodorants and particularly FINE. I have enjoyed every product from them, but I am partial to anything minty. It does not leave any stain yet keeps underarms fresh all day long. A must for all mint lovers.

Use with caution though as charcoal stains very quickly. You’ll be painting it black, literally. My shower looks “halloweenesque” after each use but a thorough rinse and it’s all clean again. What matters more to me is how soft, fresh and clean my skin feels after using Linné’s body wash. It’s amazing, I truly saw an improvement in the texture of my skin over time. Charcoal is popular for helping the body flush out toxins and also effective in treating body odor and acne.

I’ll be sharing more about this extraordinary brand and their gorgeous perfumes but Golden Neroli is my favorite for it is a therapeutic scent. Neroli is known for its uplifting properties but ABEL has managed to create a natural fragrance that will stay on all day long. Feeling surrounded by the comforting aura that Neroli oozes, helps me tackle my day if I’m feeling particularly down. It’s a miracle product, truly. It dispells negativity and lack of energy in a few spritzes.

Pure magic in a bottle. If I had to imagine Wonderwoman’s beauty cabinet, I’d put the MOA green bath potion on top of the list. I could have also incorporated MOA’s new Himalayan bath salts to the mix which are equally terrific. If you still feel fragile and groggy, the fortifying green bath potion will work like a magic spell. The potent blend of peppermint, fennel, fir needle and yarrow will open your bronchi and relieve muscular pain.


Usually, after feeling fighting off a cold, I don’t go back straight to a full-on makeup routine. Instead, I’ll focus on fewer yet impactful products.

It is almost empty as we speak because once you try it, there’s no going back. The formula is top-notch, it does not feel sticky or oily, but it coats the lips in a protective layer while restoring smoothness. Warning: you won’t be able to stop smacking your lips because they will feel super soft.

Gressa is one of my holy grail makeup brands. Everything I’ve tried blew my mind because  Gressa thinks outside of the box to bring high-performance products. The eye tints are no exception. Aureo is a divine gold eyeshadow that instantly brightens up the look. You could even use it as a highlighter. The texture is cream-to-powder and the creasing is very limited so you don’t have to worry about touch-ups.  It looks beautiful on, even if you skip mascara.

Reviewed (here). One of my top 2017 favorites, I still reach for it everytime I want to have a gorgeous peachy glow. It does brilliantly, the job of a highlighter, a blush and, a contour all at once. At this stage, “Cheek crush” is more than just a makeup crush for me, it’s a love affair.

I swear this color makes everything look editorial. Pink Moon is a universally flattering berry. As usual, Ilia lipsticks are supremely comfortable to wear and moisturizing to keep dry lips at bay. I am particularly fond of Pink Moon because it reminds me of their hit color “Arabian Knights” but with more red in it. Pink Moon will give you that little confidence boost in your quest to conquer the world 🙂

Reviewed (here). I usually skip foundations and even more so when I just had a cold. However, if I want to blur out some ‘imperfections’, I use Vapour’s Stratus soft focus skin perfector. What it does is that it will plump the skin while adding an overall glow to the face, thanks to its light-diffusing and reflecting fine mineral particles, contributing in providing this luminous effect. You get that ‘lit-from-within’ glow which distracts from visible lines or pores.


To feel great from within: ANIMA MUNDI Curam beauty elixir and Mangosteen Hibiscus powder.

Curam and Mangosteen-Hibiscus have outstanding anti-inflammatory properties and will help you get back on track. You can mix Curam with your tea, water or juice. The Mangosteen Hibiscus tonic works great in a smoothie or in a cocoa drink. You can mix the two products together. Whatever feels easier for you, the Anima Mundi blends can be adapted in various ways.


What you do or use to get back on track?

Take care,



*Samples sent for review consideration, all opinions my own. Affiliate links may occur – see disclaimer.



  • This post is very inspiring! So glad you have found natural ways to get back to yourself after illness. All items seem fabulous, and there are so many I haven’t tried – the wellness supplements I surely need to check out further, and I ‘might’ just upped that Antonym cheek crush product to the top of my wishlist 🙂 It’s been calling my name since it came out, but so far I was able to resist 😉

  • I thank you for giving us such a brilliant piece of space where we can read a very interesting knowledge about how to select a suitable product for your self.


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