Jumping into spring with People Tree – eco fashion look and wishlist


Jumping into spring with People Tree – eco fashion look and wishlist


People Tree is a UK pioneer and multi-award winning ecofashion brand founded 26 years ago by Safia Miney. Since 06, they are soil association certified organic, with the first integrated organic supply chain for organic cotton from farm to final product. They were also the first to achieve GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certification on a supply chain entirely in the developing world. Their clothes are dyed using safe and azo-free dyes and from natural and recycled materials. I have a couple of pieces from People Tree and over the years, they have maintained their quality. The designs also pass the test of time and I find myself wearing them as often as I did when I first bought them. Today I wanted to do a mini look with two of their latest spring/summer pieces.

[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]I love a good print (preferably on a top) but I have most of the time steered clear of clashing/bold prints in trousers because I thought I’d look funny and grotesque in them. For size reference, I am petite (5.1/156cm) and size 10. (medium). I used to believe that there was always a risk of me looking overwhelmed by big prints. I was wrong. Petite sizes can wear prints. Confidence is the real style guide.

If you feel good in your clothes, you will look good. It has very little to do with size, colors, or price.

My happy-go-lucky outfit consists of the Peace sweater mixed with the flower pants. Two different fabrics yet they work really well together in my opinion. It’s too cold to be wearing simple tees and tank tops and just a quick glance at the snowfall happening right now in front of my window, sweater weather is extending its stay.

The peace jumper in pink (currently on sale, wearing size 10)

People Tree has reconciled me with pastel. Thanks to the Peace jumper, I have made peace with dainty coral/apricot colors in fashion.

I tend to go for dark navy/black or bright pinks and blues when it comes to sweaters. There was no in-between until this jumper came along. It is made of 100% organic cotton and is the perfect spring sweater, keeping you warm enough. It fits true to size, slightly relaxed pretty much like any jumper. It is roomy around the arms so you can layer it on top of a shirt. Organic cotton is softer than conventional cotton and this is definitely one of the coziest jumpers I own. The apricot color is not washed off and does not dull the complexion, unlike other pastel shades. I even find it to be quite a flattering color; dainty and feminine. While I have yet to find studies to back up this claim, I have noticed an improvement in my skin since using organic fabrics. I was occasionally prone to little rashes or little spots on my legs or breast area and they are now gone. However. I am convinced that it is not a placebo effect as the environmental issues linked to conventional cotton (with its excessive use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers) are a reality. Organic cotton helps improve the quality of the land, the quality of water, protect biodiversity and the health of farmers who won’t have to deal with the side of effects of chemical pesticides.  I have to redirect you to this brilliant post by the wonderful Nath from Beautycalypse which gives very useful tips on how to wash your clothes in a more eco-friendly manner (here).

What I love is that People Tree adds for each garment, the fabrication story behind the piece. The peace jumper is for instance made by Rajlakshmi. Rajlakshmi Cotton Mills is a pioneer in organic and ethical garment manufacturing in India.

The Susie floral pants (also size 10)

Another star fabric on People Tree is TENCEL® which is what the Susie floral pants are made of. I’m a big fan of Tencel (lyocell), I even have bed linens with lyocell.

I’ll get back to that in another post. But I wanted to share a little more info about this low-impact,bio-degradable fabric made of wood which has plenty of advantages. Another fabric that I love is Bamboo which I have mentioned in a previous lookbook (here).

“Lyocell is produced from wood pulp using a solvent spinning process. More than 99% of the solvent is recycled within the process, making the fiber production really environmentally accountable. Lyocell keeps 85% of its dry strength and is the only man-made cellulosic fiber which is stronger than cotton at the wet state. Lyocell fibers absorb moisture and have a high modulus that causes small shrinkage in water. Like all cellulose fibers, Lyocell fiber absorbs water perfectly and gives hygienic properties to textile products. Tencel fabrics and garments exhibit superior stability when washed. Additionally, fabrics in Tencel are characterized by their silky handle, distinctive drape, and fluidity. Tencel is an outstanding alternative to cotton and plays an important position in the textile market for fashion wear, bed linen, towels, etc. Tencel can be successfully used in the production of underwear and apparels. They can also be used in technical textiles, nonwovens, and foils. Tencel fibers show huge advantages in adapting to the requirements of the end product both when spun alone and in different blends particularly with cotton. The additions of Tencel to cotton have also a positive impact on yarn mechanical properties especially tenacity and elongation, and on spinning stability.(…)”¹

Just to clarify, the solvent used (amine oxide) is considered as non-toxic; the little amount that is not reused (between 0,5-1%) is not deemed hazardous. Tencel has the ability to be more wrinkle-resistant, which is why it is really clever for People Tree to use it for flare and wide pants. I am completely out of my comfort zone with these floral pants, but I was surprisingly drawn to them: perhaps because it is such a unique fashion statement piece. They are beautifully made. Also, once you put them on, it’s hard to wear anything else. They are so lightweight and breezy as if you were not wearing anything at all haha. They are flowy, but not outrageously large nor clownish. It’s the perfect width. I have not been able to wear them outside yet as it’s been quite cold (it snowed just a few days ago) – in the meantime, I’ll do the hem as is is slightly too long. I’m used to it, being under 1.60cm, I often have to make an alteration to my pants unless I find a petite fit. If you wear the Susie floral with heels or flatforms, it won’t be an issue. The Susie floral pants will pair nicely with a black tank top in the summer for a casual yet stylish look. There’s also a matching top (here) if you want to go look bloomingly pretty from head to toe.

The Susie pants were made by Creative Handicrafts, a social enterprise working to empower disadvantaged women of the slum communities of Mumbai, India.

I paired it up with my pink Veja sneakers for a head-to-toe ethical/ecofashion look 🙂

If you have not shopped at People Tree yet, I can only recommend it as the quality is outstanding and the price tag is really fair. If you’re on a limited budget, People Tree does sales on a regular basis as well. There’s currently one going on (here).

Below are my favorite People Tree ecofashion picks for Spring/summer. People Tree has some lovely embroidered pieces but also really cool basics. Stay tuned for another People Tree look that I’m working on.[/vc_column_text][thb_gap height=”40″][vc_masonry_media_grid element_width=”2″ gap=”4″ grid_id=”vc_gid:1522075119335-8ed805f3-299f-10″ include=”7386,7387,7389,7390,7391,7392,7396,7397,7398,7399,7401,7402″][thb_gap height=”40″][vc_column_text]Last but not least, the movement #whomademyclothes will do its annual awareness campaign. Feel free to show your support by joining the campaign, attending their events and support ecofashion and ethical brands like People Tree which are genuinely changing the fashion industry for the best. Learn more about it (here).



Do you like this outfit? What’s your favorite piece from People Tree?


*Samples kindly sent, all opinions my own.



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