Introducing my YouTube channel: lizthegreenspirit

Just a quick note to let you guys know that in addition to the blog, I have finally decided to incorporate video content and create a YouTube channel. The written format will remain my preferred way of sharing news and information, but for those that prefer watching videos, you will now be able to find reviews on my channel as well. I am still adjusting and learning filming and editing tricks so bare with me and my homemade style of videos 😉

I recently posted a mini ‘get ready with me’ using 5 vegan brands that also happen to be green. My next video is in the works. Make sure to subscribe (here) so you don’t miss the new content. Let me know what kinds of videos you’d want me to do.

Lots of love,


Green hunter, wellness junkie and pun maker on the website, I'm on a journey towards a kinder and healthier life. @lizthegreenspirit on Instagram.

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