Behind every eco store there’s a soul: Clare, Anna, Rossana & Anne


Behind every eco store there’s a soul: Clare, Anna, Rossana & Anne

If you haven’t seen the first edition of this series (here), I highly invite you to check it out as I explain in details, the reason that started off this conversation. Every purchase we make is a conscious statement and dare I say, a political act. If you’re a big fan of organic and green beauty, then you know that specialized eco stores need our support as the competition gets stiffer. Just recently, monster retailer Amazon, declared wanting to get a piece of the “indie beauty” cake. As the green beauty industry evolves and grows, I find myself caring more and more about the niche boutiques for their bring an invaluable expertise, an unparalleled accessibility, and proximity that you might not find elsewhere. I am also fascinated by the stories of each and every eco founder.

As per usual, I asked the much-dreaded question to each founder which is “if you could only choose one product from your shop, what would it be?” They were all game for it and I’m grateful for it. Without further ado, let’s meet the souls behind these 4 incredible eco stores.

Rossana from I Am Natural Store.

I am Natural store does not need any introduction, one of the best green destinations in the land of Oz since 2010. The selection is absolutely dreamy, featuring brands from all over the globe. Whether you’re a green newbie or a confirmed eco beauty-consumer, I am Natural Store will make you feel like you entered the Disneyland of beauty. Indie, high-end and classic brands are all living in perfect harmony. Just to names a few: Rahua, May Lindstrom, FitGlow, Vitruvi, Alima Pure, Josh Rosebrook; the list goes on endlessly much to our delight.

You can find the Josh Rosebrook Tinted Nutrient day cream (here)


Clare from Bond Clean Beauty

Meet Clare, founder of Bond Clean Beauty. Recently featured on The Beauty Independent, Bond is the new luxe eco-commerce bound to make you swoon. Clare McGrowdie, an established film and television hairdresser/makeup artist, started her own green venture in Sydney to offer eco-luxe superstar brands. In Fiore, Agent Nateur, Gressa, and MV organic skincare to name a few. A clean, conscious edit with lustful brands, for all beauty-obsessed. Bon(d) Appétit.

You can buy In Fiore Fleur Vibrante Botanical Solution (here).


Anna from Biomazing

A haven of peace, quiet and beauty located in Winterthür, Switzerland. Biomazing has a broad selection of products for all family members. Biomazing goes beyond the beauty spectrum by having an extensive food and lifestyle section (with a focus on vegan products). Astonishing brands such as Lina Hanson, Whamisa, C la vie, Bybi, Kypris, De Mamiel, Inika, Und Gretel are niched in this beautiful boutique. Biomazing is dedicated to providing the whole wellness package by helping you nourish your body inside and out.

You can buy the Lina Hanson Global Face Trio (here).


Anne from Biotylab

By taking over the reigns of Biotylab in 2018, Anne (whose work experience count ELLE and Vogue) has turned Biotylab as her gorgeous little beauty corner where she mindfully selects her favorite picks. You’ll find brands that have graced the glossy pages as well as under-the-radar gems. Ere Perez, Likami, RMS, Hurraw, ABEL, Fine, Minois, Madara, Hévéa, Cîme, and Z&MA are just a couple of beautiful brands available there. Recently, Anne also published her Ibiza guide. (see fun fact).

You can order the Rahua voluminous shampoo (here)


HUGE thank you to these amazing ladies for playing the game and sharing their IT product for the blog. They deserve all the praise for their hard work, dedication, and generosity. If you happen to travel or live nearby any of these dreamy eco-destinations, I highly recommend you check them out. You’ll be in the best hands.

Stay tuned for another founders round-up 😉

Take care,


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