Fair Fashion trend: Camo

In fashion, it is not uncommon to see reoccurring trends with certain fabrics, styles, and patterns making their comeback every couple of years. One of them is camo, which is also particularly popular in streetwear. Fair/sustainable brands have been coming up with their own camo prints, so I decided to share a couple of my favorite picks.

MATT & NAT (Canada – ships internationally)

The Triplet crossbody bag by Matt & Nat is one of their classic models and I’ve had one for years. They recently added the camo pattern and I personally love how it turned out. It’s not too flashy, but quite urban and sophisticated. I would say it could even please to non-camo connoisseurs.

ASQUITH (UK line, ships internationally)

Get your Yoga warrior pose on with the Asquith camouflage line. In my humble opinion, Asquith creates some of the best activewear/athleisure pieces available out there (fast and fair fashion brands altogether). I did a review (here) and I grew my little Asquith collection since then. The clothes are breathable, comfortable and stylish. The divine cami top offers a solid support for yoga, pilates and low to mid-intensity workouts. They are made with a mix of organic cotton, bamboo, and elastane. The leggings are 100% opaque and camel toe proof ( no camel toe with the camo 😉

ECOALF (Spain – shipping internationally)

Moncler who? If you want an eco-friendly puff jacket, Ecoalf is the place to go. The USHUAIA jacket is made from recycled nylon (out of fishing nets) and a mixture of green microfibers. Thanks to its Primaloft technology, it keeps warm while remaining breathable and light. Just like Matt & Nat, this is a more toned-down camo print to appeal to a larger audience.

BROWN BOY (US – ships internationally) ALTERNATIVE APPAREL (US – ships internationally)

The military print jersey by Brown Boy is made of 100% organic cotton and hand-printed with eco-friendly print. This is a new independent and fair-trade company and they offer some lovely casual and more dressy pieces.

Alternative Apparel actually has a whole collection available in camo, from tank tops to jersey sweaters. If you like cozy, you “camo” go wrong with Alternative Apparel. (Please, forgive me for my puns haha).

Now, you can unleash your inner Beyonce in survivor mode – the ethical way of course.


Do you like any of the pieces? What do you think of prints, specifically camo?

Take care,


Picture sources: brands mentioned, collage – me


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