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Several months ago, I had the idea to DM a couple of my favorite makeup artists to ask them about their top 3 makeup products. My idea was to create a full makeup look solely based on their recommendations. I asked each makeup artist to share 3 options in case some of the products were unavailable for me. I initially planned on posting this way earlier but it took me more time than expected to gather up all the information and products (the Ilia limitless mascara, for instance, was sold out for a little while before I could get my hands on it).

Disclaimer: I am not a professional makeup artist. I am a makeup enthusiast who has tested countless organic and green brands. The makeup look I created is just a representation of how I apply my makeup normally, not necessarily how makeup artists would do it. All these ladies are madly talented and I can only invite you to follow them on Instagram to enjoy their glorious editorial looks and how-to tips.


The color palette for my look
Foundation: Ere Perez oat milk foundation selected by Lou Dartford.


makeup artist Lou dartford

Lou Dartford is an amazing British eco makeup artist. She has been doing numerous eco makeup masterclass, including with green pioneers like Weleda. I am fond of her technical makeup sheets where she gives insightful tips on how to apply blush or nail a winged eyeliner. Her picks were Kjaer Weis cream foundation (with Vapour skin-perfecting primer), Vapour’s liquid foundation and Ere Perez oat milk foundation.

I have been eyeing the two foundations from Ere Perez. I am already familiar with their cream concealer (reviewed here) and so I grabbed the cream foundation in the shade “honey” which is a proper match for my skin tone. Being it a cream, I was worried that it might overwhelm my skin but I was wrong. The texture is silky and it feels lightweight upon application. I have oily skin and it was not clogging at all. It did not aggravate my skin, the formula is alcohol and essential oil-free.

Personally, the application with fingers seems the aptest because you need to work with little product. Applying a thick coat will only enhance creasing and dry cracks. With a light hand, the finish is natural-looking and agreeable. I found that patting it in softly with the fingertips gives a smooth and even finish.

Coverage is a solid medium but not high. You need to follow up with concealer in order to hide bumps and zits. I have a couple of hormonal breakouts on my chin and the oat milk foundation is not able to even out my chin area. The smell is light, the cream applies seamlessly and overall it is a foundation that is comfortable to wear and remains natural-looking. I can totally see why Lou Dartford can make great use of it in her looks. Overall, I am happy with it and one of the best cream foundations I have tested so far.


Mascara: ILIA Limitless Lash mascara selected by Nat Van Zee


makeup artist Nat Van Zee

Nat Van Zee is a fab makeup artist based in the UK. I am a big fan of the natural, fresh, effortless looks she does for editorial features but she also nails bolder looks with patent lips/glossy or rainbow-colored lids.  Her picks were Inika, Lily Lolo, Kjaer Weis, and the Ilia limitless lash mascara.

I picked the latter but little did I know that I’d have to wait because it has been selling like hotcakes. The hype is real and merited. Compared to their first release years ago (reviewed here), Limitless Lash is undoubtedly a major upgrade. It does not smudge nor clump and gives shape and definition like a charm. While it is not waterproof, I discovered that it was capable to resist and hold up pretty well after a little cry session. My lashes look and remain impeccable all day long. Needless to say, the mascara makes me feel limitless haha. This is a real winner and it effortlessly reached my “top 3 mascara” list. I just adore how defined and long it makes my lashes look.


Eyeliner: Sante eye kajal eyeliner selected by Kristen Arnett.


makeup artist kristen arnett

Kristen Arnett is a celebrity makeup artist and green beauty advocate. She’s now based in Portland where she continues to educate people on beauty and wellness. Kristen was also one of the first people I started following online and I love her candid honesty in addition to her take on beauty and self-love in general. She recommended 3 brands for eye pencils/kajals, namely Jane Iredale, Vert Beauty, and Sante.

Vert Beauty not being available for overseas customers, I decided to stick with a brand I am very familiar with, Sante. I tried numerous products from them including their eyeshadow sticks which were amongst the first products – reviewed here.  However, the pencils never came on my radar until Kristen suggested them. I was missing out because the pencil is an excellent product that delivers. It does exactly what you expect: a smooth application, a solid pigmentation, and a hypoallergenic formula. I picked the brown pencil that I used on this look on my upper lash line to create more definition. All in all, it’s a great product that comes with a drugstore price. I love that Kristen included a budget-friendly option because green beauty should remain accessible.


Eyeshadows: Kjaer Weis eyeshadows selected by Linda öhrström.


makeup artist Linda öhrstöm

Linda Öhrström‘s editorial makeup looks for magazines are ethereal. The color harmony in her looks are perfection, she’s never afraid of showing an edge and her work is bold and vibrant. If there are some people still skeptical on how good eco cosmetics can perform, they have to check out her work.

In addition to Kjaer Weis, Linda’s picks included RMS and Lakshmi (kajals) both of which I have tried and enjoyed. I wanted to give the Kjaer Weis cream eyeshadows a go. Compared to RMS signature cream shadows, Kjaer Weis feels slightly denser and thicker, thus less likely to crease on oily lids. I did experience a bit of creasing, but nothing compared to the RMS eye polishes. The color I picked, “Alluring“, is a gorgeous metallic gold.  Since my lipstick was a fiery shade, I toned it down on the eyes. This shade is also something I can wear every day. It applies easily with a brush and/or your finger, and blends effortlessly. It can be worn on its own or used as an eyeshadow topper to add a touch of gold shimmer.


Blushes/Bronzer: Kosas Tropic Equinox selected by Sheri Stroh 


makeup artist Sheri Stroh

Sheri Stroh is the queen of glow and the master of bronze. Her looks are simply breathtaking, fresh, luminous without going overboard. I love that Sheri gave IG videos tutorials a whirl because she is never short of good tips. Plus she has an awesome personality. Her picks were the Lilah B bronzer duoKosas “Tropic Equinox“, Sappho “love the cheeks”  blush and Rituel de Fille “lovesick”.

I picked Kosas Tropic Equinox. Had it been me, I’d have more naturally gravitated towards their powder compacts, but I am glad I gave the cream formula a go. It blends superbly and you can achieve a bronzed, sunkissed effect without rubbing your skin vigorously. The pigmentation is neat and the shade itself is also balanced; not muddy, not orange, it’s a luminous, metallic copper. It can be used both as a bronzer, blush, and eyeshadow. While it does not last long on my lids, it remained in place on my cheeks. This is my go-to now to warm up my skin and look like I went to spend summer in Greece.


Highlighter: Maya Chia Highlight of the Day selected by Lisa Scharff


makeup artist Lisa Scharff

Lisa Scharff is a German eco makeup artist with her own shop/studio in Berlin (make sure to check it out if you’re in Berlin). Her taste is impeccable and she has a myriad of brands to showcase in her gorgeous space. Lisa’s picks were RMS “master Mixer”, Ilia multi-stick cosmic dancer/polka dots and moonbeams and Maya Chia’s Highlight of the day.

I was already familiar with all of them so I ended up using Maya Chia highlighters since I have them in my stash at the moment. The lit-from-within effect has never been so easy and this is the secret weapon to revive dull skin instantly. You can mix it with your foundation, apply it before a powder product to make the glow come through, wear it on your eyes for a glossy, wet look. The combinations are endless and the shade range is beautiful. I love Afternoon Delight and After Hours. After Hours is a soft bronze that never fails to satisfy my need for dew. It’s a liquid formula but it absorbs and blends beautifully. Long-wearing as well and although I have oily skin, I genuinely adore the dewy/glossy finish it imparts.


Lipstick: Thrillest by Merrady Wickes


makeup artist Merrady Wickes

Merrady Wickes is a brilliant makeup artist from the US. Her makeup looks have this rare combination of Californian ease and sophistication.  She’s also known for her work as an educator for The Detox Market. She’s also such a sweet and gentle soul never failing to share some nuggets of wisdom on her IG. Her favorite lip products were Kosas “Thrillest”, Clove + Hallow lip velvet “Road trip” and Gressa lip boost “bare” (Gressa review – here).

Kosas’ pigmentation is A+. This is a color that elevates the look. As soon as I swatched it, I knew that I had to keep my eye makeup tamer because it’s a statement shade. If you want to catch people’s attention without uttering a word, put on Thrillest. It’s a cherry red with a hint of orange to warm it up. I would love to see this shade in a lip pencil because you sometimes need dexterity to apply it without running over the natural shape of the lips.

My favorite way to wear it on a daily basis, it to blot the color with my fingers (just patting it in) to soften the tint and make it look more natural. But whenever you want to amp up the volume, just apply it straight from the bullet. The formula is long-lasting. Thrillest will fade into a stain (and rather evenly) so touch-ups are only a necessity if you want to keep the “wow” effect. I love it and it definitely makes me want to explore more colors from Kosas. No wonder this is one of their best selling shades, it’s a stunner.

The final result!

I have been wearing this look multiple times and the combo golden lids/red lips are just phenomenal. Depending on the occasion and mood, I wear a more muted look conversely a bolder version.

The muted look: the one where I only dab a hint of Thrillest on the lips which meshes beautifully with my natural lip color. I also blend the Kjaer Weis Alluring shadow with a brush for a subtle golden look.

modest makeupThe bold look where I apply Alluring with my fingers and press the pigments onto the lids for maximum opacity and a full coat of Kosas’s Thrillest. I also applied two more drops of Maya Chia’s Highlight of the Day to shine bright like a diamond. The bottom picture was shot at the end of the day, and as you can see the glow stands strong haha.

makeup look


A HUGE thank you to all the talented and amazing ladies who shared their recommendations with me. You are awesome <3


Do you like the look?

Take care,

Ps. Make sure to follow me on IG, as I’ll be posting a little Get ready with me on Instagram using all the products.




*Everything purchased by me, some links may be affiliate links. Thank you for your support! All opinions my own.


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