I’ve been offering my services in slogan-making and copywriting to various businesses, ranging from art galleries to private clients. However, the past couple of years, I have been offering those services to green and eco businesses (from budding brands to more established ones) to help them develop their brands, create slogans, catch-phrases, press kits,  and writing portfolio.

The aim is to provide original SEO-friendly content, targeted keywords, and concise yet relevant writing that align with your brand philosophy.

This service is available in English, French, and Luxemburgish.


Looking to enter a foreign market but having issues because of the language barrier? As a French/German/English speaker I can also help you with anything related to translation. I’ve worked on translated versions of concepts, projects, product packaging, PR guides, articles, and blog content. I am fluent in all of them.
I provide translations in the following languages:









The one where I share all my creative juice with you. Running out of ideas, concepts, topics to cover and share with your audience? Let me bring you a catalogue of content ideas to share with your audience and attract your target customers. 

This service can apply to your blog, videos, podcast, website, social media, or anything that requires you to add valuable and relevant content.


A lesson I learned during my History grad studies is that we cannot understand the present nor anticipate the future if we don’t look and analyze the past. This also applies for trends. There’s a myriad of brands coming up with the same concepts which, unknown to them, contribute to their demise right off the bat. It is crucial to have a solid vision and a deep understanding of everything that was brought out before. Strong of my 11-year experience in the field of green beauty and sustainable lifestyle, I seek to provide you with observations that can help you navigate this industry with more clarity.


How to stand up in an environment that is booming and where the competition gets stiffer? Why using “all natural” and “chemical-free” is a thing in the past and should be removed from your linguo? Why the “I started making skincare because I could not find organic/green products” narrative is no longer relevant in 2021? I help you find answers to these questions while reinforcing your brand identity and bringing you an effective marketing strategy.

I’ll share all my insider knowledge and experience on how to find your core and target audience, introducing you to the right places and people for your business to grow organically.


I have been working as a freelance consultant for brands but also marketing companies that wish to have a broader vision of the green and wellness industry.

 I have worked with consulting companies such as Sturm & Drang (Germany) and Truth Consulting (UK), intervening as a green beauty and sustainable lifestyle consultant, discussing for instance, the switch towards a more mindful and ethical environment, the latest sustainable trends and the behavioral evolution towards those trends.



Looking to add a green touch to your social media accounts? I can help you foster and refine your brand identity so that your social media reflects your core values and leads you to grow your audience organically and relevantly.

With over 14.500 followers, and daily new followers coming in, I strive to keep my Instagram engaging and appealing while remaining informative. Over the years, I have developed multiple series combining mini-reviews, spotlights, favorites, eco fashion looks, healthy tips, interviews, ingredients awareness and so on. 



I am passionate about green and ethical businesses and I take pride in championing every brand/company I believe in. I have a tremendous amount of respect for eco-entrepreneurs as it is not an easy route to take in the business world. As mentioned earlier, being polyglot enables me to reach out to a larger number of people during press panels or seminars. I am available for public speaking panels/events, live talks and podcasts to promote the importance of sustainable brands and their positive impact. Since 2016, I’m a Beauty Heroes Ambassador, promoting green beauty and wellness.  

I also do my own workshops and I am open to partneships and collaborations. Covid oblige, the upcoming ones will be virtual but hopefully we’ll be able to organize proper events again this year.


Looking to incorporate more mindful brands in your beauty cabinet? The transition can be a bit daunting when you are in the very beginning of your transition. I’ve had my fair share of trials and errors when I first started over a decade ago and at that time, we were not floored by products. Today is a different story, and it is key to be cautious to avoid greenwashing. Therefore, I’m available to share my experience to anyone who’s looking to switch to a green and eco beauty routine. 

One of my most popular series “Make the green Switch” is an illustration of my work in that field. I also offer some brand consulting for online shops/physical stores looking to include international green cosmetic brands. Last year, I expanded this service to eco-fashion and lifestyle stores as well. 


For those wishing to work with me as the blogger. By partnering with Smells like a green Spirit, you get access to an international audience passionate and curious about green beauty, eco-fashion, and sustainable living. I accept product reviews with certain conditions (click on the tab below to read more)

  • Mention and introduction of your business in my “Keep your Green Spirits Up” newsletter
  • Sponsored social media content.
  • Social media takeover
  • Sponsored posts/editorial features
  • Giveaways
  • Collaboration on developing a new product.
  • curation of a beauty box and more

Wile I am specialized in creating content, catchphrases, slogans, I also know the importance of creating a visual identity that is cohesive with a brand philosopy. I work closely with a visual artist/designer to create the logo that will represent your brand to a T. 

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