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Get the gloss with ELDE Cosmetics

Vemund Eldegard, whose precocious interest in skincare led him – now in his twenties –  to become the founder of the rising vegan brand ELDE has created a range of makeup that not only will simplify your routine, but add more shine to it. Coming from Norway, ELDE came to life 3 years ago with a small […]

Where to shop for Soil Association organic beauty?

For #organicbeautyweek, we decided to focus solely on shops that carry “Soil Association organic” brands. Keep in mind that the list is non-exhaustive, these are not the only stores but simply our little selection for this week. There will be more features on organic and eco destinations since there are a plethora of stores that […]

Field Trip Tour in London! My recap + pictures

Field Trip Tour in London! My recap + pictures

July 12th finally arrived and the highly anticipated Field trip tour, organised by the awesome girls of Call it Vanity happened. For those not familiar with it, it was a blogger meetup combined with a green shopping trip and lunch. Since teleportation doesn’t exist, I had to get on the Eurostar to join the festivities. […]

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