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Snack time is the best time with What’s in it?

Snack time is the best time with What’s in it?

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] A few months ago, I took part in this Crowdfunding campaign to support this nutrition-oriented app called Whatsinit?¬†Remember the Make the Green Switch series where I find green alternatives to beauty products, Whatsinit is the equivalent but for food and gosh is it good. Whatsinit? offers an opportunity to discover new snacks, precisely healthier […]

Travel diaries: Knokke (Belgium)

When you ask tourists to name Belgian cities, the ones that immediately come up are Brussel and Bruges (dubbed as the Venice of the North). However, 20km from Bruges is a little seaside town called Knokke. I’ve heard people compare Knokke to St-Tropez, but I think this is rather exaggerated. The Belgian resort is more […]

Naturata supermarket I Luxembourg city

After exploring Sweden’s organic supermarket, now it’s about Luxembourg. The most popular eco and organic chain being NATURATA: since its creation 26 years ago, 10 shops have sprouted all over the country. NATURATA is also in Germany (where it originated from) and Switzerland. There’s even a wide range of organic food produced under the same […]

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