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Get the gloss with ELDE Cosmetics

Vemund Eldegard, whose precocious interest in skincare led him – now in his twenties –  to become the founder of the rising vegan brand ELDE has created a range of makeup that not only will simplify your routine, but add more shine to it. Coming from Norway, ELDE came to life 3 years ago with a small […]

Daytime organic makeup look!

Since it’s #organicseptember, how could we not do a makeup look with organic makeup? The green cosmetics industry has been growing tremendously the past couple of years, however, the number of  “certified organic” brands is more limited. There are many reasons for that which won’t be discussed in this article since it’s a simple makeup look, but […]

Glow time I Soft bronze makeup look

Almost tempted to name it the “no-makeup” makeup look since the result remains very natural. I kept it light and fresh, with neutral tones. The emphasis is on the glow factor. It is effortlessly easy to create and will only take a few minutes. Before taking care of the base, I apply La Bella Figura Decouverte […]

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