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Smells like a Green Spirit is a personal blog written and edited by me, Liz. All views my own. Advice or recommendations are based on my personal experiences. Products mentioned/reviewed on the blog have been tested and approved by myself.

PR Samples, Sponsors & Affiliate links.
I’m passionate about green beauty, eco fashion, wellness and anything relating to holistic practices. Therefore, I’m always delighted to connect and engage with people and businesses from the eco/green community. If you’re an eco company/brand/association interested in working with me, you’re welcome to reach out to me.

PR samples/product reviews
I gladly accept PR samples, but only if they align with the philosophy of the website (same applies for sponsorships). One of the editorial choices of Smells like a Green Spirit is to feature products that I enjoyed and worked for me. Therefore, there’s no guarantee that every product sent will be featured on the blog. Items sent for editorial/review consideration cannot be returned. You can send me product for consideration, but it doesn’t guarantee a review in exchange nor a mention on social media. Everything is tested by me, and I’m giving my honest opinion. Depending on the type of products, please keep in my mind that I’m not always able to give specific dates for published articles. Some products require more time for an accurate and detailed review, so I’m asking for your understanding in that matter. However, I’ll remain in contact with you (emails/social medias) throughout the review process to keep you updated. I’m solely publishing reviews after a thorough testing phase, I refuse to publish anything incomplete of rushed. That is not the philosophy of Smells like a Green Spirit.

Sponsored posts
I accept sponsored posts, but only from eco/green/sustainable companies/brands. Please contact me for pricing.
Sponsored content for social media
I also accept sponsored mentions/posts on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook. I’m also available if you’re looking for someone to create content for your social media. Contact me for pricing.

PR/company samples provided are marked with an asterisk* Sponsored articles or/and social media content will always be disclosed.

Affiliate links
Not all links are affiliate links, however, affiliate links might occur, but only from brands/companies I strictly approve of. Any commission earned is used for the maintenance and development of this website. I have affiliate links for stores such as LoveLula (part of their blogger program). As a Beauty Heroes Ambassador, I do have a ShareASale affiliate link, but as mentioned above, any commission goes back to the maintenance to this website. I have tested and approved their service beforehand, otherwise, I wouldn’t even have recommended it. Blogging takes a lot of time and a significant amount of work and research go into each article, thank you for your understanding.

Brand ambassador
I accept brand ambassador positions, with the condition that the company’s philosophy fits with

Advertising spaces available on demand (only for green/eco business)
I’m always up to support green and eco businesses and ad spaces are available on demand.
Please contact to discuss the terms & conditions, rates, statistics, banner sizes, etc.

I accept giveaways, on the strict condition that the company has an eco and ethical philosophy. Contact me for info and available space.

One of the most gratifying and wonderful things about blogging is the opportunity to connect with like-minded people from the green/eco-community. Feel free to drop me an email if you wish to discuss a potential collaboration.

SLGS green and eco brand building and copywriting (visual identity, slogan and writing portfolio, multilingual translation).
Need help with your visual identity and brand portfolio? Being a polyglot writer, I’ve been offering my services in slogan-making and copywriting to various businesses, ranging from art galleries to private clients. I now also offer my services to green and eco businesses (from budding brands to more established ones) by helping them develop their brands, content, create slogans, catch-phrases and writing portfolio. A Bachelor in literature (with a minor in European culture and film studies) and a Master in European Contemporary History, my education has instilled in me a sense of discipline, analytical and critical mind, significant adaptation skills and an overall thirst for knowledge.Raised in a multilingual environment, I speak fluently French, English and German, with a written comprehension of Italian. In addition, I have basic notions of Chinese. (A2 levels). As a result, I also offer my services as a multilingual translator and polyglot writer.

Green Cosmetics curator

Looking to 'greenify' your beauty cabinet?It can be a bit daunting when you are in the very beginning of your transition. I've had my fair share of trials and errors when I first started almost 10 years ago. Therefore I'm available to share my experience to anyone who’s looking to switch to a green and eco beauty routine. One of my most popular series (Make the green Switch) is an illustration of my work in that field.

I also offer some brand consulting for online shops/physical stores looking to include international green cosmetic brands. Over the years, I’ve also developed strong connections and relationships with green professionals and brands, and follow closely the development of the green beauty and wellness industry. I’ve participated in several workshops to share my vision on natural and eco beauty. Find me on LinkedIn.

Terms & conditions discussed per email first. Download my Media Kit for additional info. Feel free to contact me for affordable rates and a quote on

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