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Makeup bags round-up!


Makeup bags round-up!

I noticed that I haven’t really done a “What’s in my bag?” kind of post, but instead I am sharing my three (empty) makeup bags, until I can finally share with you the makeup bits that actually fit in there.

The travel bag
On holidays, I always try to pack light. For skincare, I opt for multitaskers and samples. Same goes for makeup, everything needs to fit in a small bag. I bought this floral zipper bag online a few years ago, and it’s been my designated travel bag ever since. Since it only has one compartment, I basically throw everything I need in there (I make sure that there’s no risk of product spillage though). It might not the be the most organized bag, but I’m okay with that 😉

The on-the-go pouch
A perky coral pouch from a Korean brand named Monopoly. Korean, or more generally Asian stationary and accessory boutiques are my weakness. You can find so many quirky, cute, but also inventive products. Small enough to fit inside a handbag, but big enough to put all your makeup essentials, such as lipstick, balm, blush, mascara, and a few other bit and bobs. Besides the aesthetic touch, a clear pouch makes it much easier to pick what I need.

The favorite one
I think it’s pretty self-explanatory why I affectionate this one particulary hehe. As soon as it came out, I ordered it on Sewlomax. Designed in London, these makeup bags, created by Emma Lomax, have beautiful hand embroidered details. A canvas outer material, with a pink nylon lining, and an adorable bobbin zip detail, which is the signature of the brand.  The soft nylon lining adds a cushiness, which also protects the products from breaking. You’d be surprised by how much room there is. I can carry more than my essentials in this. Sewlomax ships internationally, and I’d advise you to follow Sewlomax on Twitter, because Emma frequently offers amazing deals and giveaways. The shop is constantly adding cute items to the collection. Right now, they have beautiful pastel pouches.

What is/are your favorite bag(s)?

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